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Farm Gardens 2 The Valley By Emaar

Farm Gardens 2 is a stylish community with a country-style twist. Moreover, it offers a rare opportunity to live year-round in an area often considered a farming retreat destination. Here, you can build a new family home in a private, gated neighborhood within a natural, country setting, complete with world-class resort-like amenities. Additionally, the villas, ranging from 431 sqm to 564 sqm, are meticulously designed to create an environment where luxury meets comfort. Furthermore, they come with large yards ready for your personal touch, allowing you to transform them into your own canvas and extend the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Experience the opulence of 4- & -5-Bedroom Villas in 2 unique contemporary designs


Why Farm
Gardens 2?

  • Adult’s Infinity pool & kids’ pool
  • Overlooking deck with al fresco dining
  • Entry to community area
  • Arbour
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Greenhouse

A Celebration of
Space & Comfort

A luxurious community in Dubai’s desert landscape, where each spacious villa is a masterpiece of design. Furthermore, nestled in generous plots, these homes offer a blend of lavish living and serene privacy. Moreover, it’s a one-of-a-kind community where life revolves around wellness, joy, and creating lasting memories. Additionally, enjoy the simplicity of a stroll through expansive greenery, a neighbor’s friendly wave, and pausing to appreciate the grandeur of your surroundings.


Rustic Bliss with a
Modern Touch

Farm Gardens 2 is a serene estate which melds the rustic allure of traditional desert farms with the sophistication of modern living. Additionally, this unique enclave offers a life of peaceful luxury, where families can establish deep roots in a pastoral haven, enjoying both the tranquillity of country living and the exclusivity of a gated community. Moreover, designed for convenience and accessibility, each villa combines elegance with a homely charm, crafting a haven where generations can gather in harmony and joy. It’s truly a legacy of opulent living.

Cultivating Connections
in Nature’s Embrace

Amidst the serene community, the joy of communal farming enhances the living experience. Furthermore, the recreational farming spaces offer a delightful escape, where the farm-to-table concept encourages community engagement, allowing you to forge connections and friendships grounded in the shared love of nature and sustainable living.


Harmony in Spaces

In this stylish community, where the tranquility of the countryside blends with the comforts of town life, wide open spaces invite calm and leisurely afternoons. Additionally, homes are spaced comfortably apart, providing each resident with their own special spot, while fostering a sense of neighborly connection throughout the area. Moreover, as you pass through the gates, a gentle nod from nature greets you, welcoming you into a community characterized by open skies, laughter in the gardens, and shared moments.

Two Distinct Styles

Homeowners will have the luxury of choosing between two contemporary designs, each developed with a unique relationship with the external natural environment. Moreover, this creates a feeling of privilege in this exceptional setting.




In these luxurious four and five-bedroom villas, a sense of tranquility and steadiness pervades. Moreover, the architecture gracefully blends into the natural landscape, with smooth horizontal lines creating a fluid transition between the built environment and its natural surroundings.



The Oren villas epitomize the essence of indoor-outdoor living. Additionally, these modern four and five-bedroom homes are intricately designed to harmonize with the external natural environment, offering an unparalleled sense of exclusivity.


A World of Amenities at Your Fingertips

The elegantly contemporary Farm Gardens community is designed for effortless living. Additionally, residents can enjoy a wide choice of world-class amenities offered by The Valley.

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